At Eden Rise Optical, we offer the latest technology available to look deep into the health of your eyes—because we are passionate about helping you maintain optimal quality of your eyesight and general health. As well as testing for visual acuity and optimising your prescription, we provide free digital retinal photography with your eye test (which is bulk billed to medicare) because we believe there is nothing more important than your eyes.

As well as digital retinal photography, we also employ a range of the latest optometric technology to optimise your prescription and assess the health of your eyes. This technology also enables us to create the best lens design for you so that you will see more than you could imagine.

See more than you can imagine with Casey Optometry

Digital Retina Photography

Our new Nidek retinal camera with its 16 Megapixel camera allows a 45 degree photograph of your retina optic nerve and blood vessels to be captured. This technology allows us to detect diseases early including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

We will discuss your results with you and your scans will be kept safely on file. Over time, we will build an optical profile of your eye health so that if there is any minor change in appearance, we can act early.

We recommend a digital retinal scan at least every two years.


RT5100 Phoropter

With a wide visual field of 40º the RT5100 Phoropter provides a ‘natural view’ environment for our patients, enabling more realistic and accurate measurements.

The RT5100 allows us to give you a visual aid in a graphical form to demonstrate the range of clear vision with your correction in place. We can also optimise your prescription for night-time or low light conditions.


OCT: Optical Coherence Tomography

Regular scans with our OCT could save your vision. OCT is the ultimate tool for diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma. It is a non-contact, non-invasive technique that scans the structure of your eye and creates a 3D image of every detail, including aspects that can’t be determined by any other methods. This greatly assists in the diagnosis and monitoring of many retinal conditions such as macular degeneration, macular holes, macular swelling and diabetic retinopathy. It can also be used to scan the cornea, iris and other structures at the front of the eye.

*The OCT is available at our Pakenham clinic and we will refer you for testing as necessary.


Visual Fields Testing for Glaucoma and Driving Tests

Visual fields testing enables us to monitor for diseases such as glaucoma, stroke and retinal detachment. Perimetry is performed to determine restrictions in your field of vision which may have an impact on driving, mobility and general visual performance. The M700 has become the benchmark in perimetry testing around the world, featuring full field test capability up to 80 degrees.

Perimetry is one of the best ways to highlight changes in the visual system which can help with early diagnosis of eye diseases so that treatment can be organised quickly. The test is fully covered by Medicare and is non-invasive and relatively quick to perform.


Auto refractor

The Nidek is the latest technology auto-refractor/Keratometer/Pachymeter and Non Contact Tonometer in one! It uses invisible infrared light to measure your optical prescription, corneal shape for contact lens fitting and it calculates your eye pressure without the need for eye drops.

We use the auto-refractor as a guide to producing the optimal prescription for your optical lenses as it can allow greater accuracy in determining your exact prescription.

The auto refractor is extremely valuable in assessing patients who have particular difficulties with vision or in communicating visual perception to their optometrist. This includes people with advanced eye diseases such as Macula degeneration, children, people with lazy or turned eye, people with high prescriptions. It is also valuable in assessing patients who have language difficulties, deafness or poor hearing, as well as those with acquired brain injuries, dementia or similar diseases which make communication difficult.


The Pachymeter is a device that measures the thickness of your cornea to within a millionth of a metre. This test is valuable is assessing for eye pressure-related diseases such as Glaucoma as it helps us determine if raised pressure is due to fluid pressure in the eye or a thick cornea.

Pachymetry is also important for pre-assessment for laser vision correction or detecting keratoconus.


Our keratometer measures the shape of your eyes so we can find the best fitting contact lens product for you. Every eye is different and it is important to find the best contact lens type for your visual requirements.

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